Making Webhooks Easy and Reliable

Diahook makes it easy to send webhooks from your service while ensuring robust deliverability and a great developer experience for your users.

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Webhooks are harder than they seem

Webhooks look easy to implement, but they actually require a lot more engineering time, resources and ongoing maintenance than you would first expect.

Some of the challenges Diahook solves for you

Automatic retries

Customer endpoints fail or hang more often than you think. Diahook automatically retries at different intervals based on the type of error.

Monitoring and reliability

Diahook offers high reliability, failure handling and monitoring, so your webhooks continue to function, even when your customers’ endpoints don't.

Security and encryption

Because of how webhooks work anyone can impersonate your service. To prevent that, we automatically sign your requests and support optional end-to-end encryption.

Development and testing

We make it easy for your customers to develop with your webhooks by making it easy to test their endpoints, inspect and replay events, and much more.

Reports and analytics

Diahook will automatically disable and report any continuously failing endpoints, as well as provide reports and analytics regarding deliverability and performance.

Don't overload your customers

If there is a lot of activity in your users’ accounts they may be triggering a lot of webhooks that their servers can’t handle. We offer optional rate limiting to make sure that you don’t overload your customers’ servers.

Developers expect a certain level of deliverability and developer experience when it comes to webhooks, and I’m far too busy to provide it.
We send over 2M webhooks a month. We know the challenges, and we know we don't want to be solving them ourselves.
I very much appreciate how much time Diahook saved us. We were able to get a webhooks MVP out in less than a day.

Easy to get started

Signup, get your API key, and start sending webhooks in under 5 minutes.

Send a webhook in just one line of code
const dh = new Diahook("dhk_IrlFPEh3VYctuyHhKTCxamGV");

// Send an event to Rock Inc's webhook endpoints
await dh.message.create("app_Xzx8bQeOB1D1XEYmAJaRGoj0", {
  "eventType": "user.created",
  data: {
    username: "new_user",
    email: "",

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Great for developers

Diahook makes it possible to inspect and replay webhooks, making a great developer experience for both you and your customers.

Easy to use and manage

Diahook comes with a customizable management UI that you can use out of the box. Or alternatively, you can just build your own using our API.

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Example Use Cases

Automatically notify your customers when events occur on your system

Chat solutions

Allow your customers to notify their users whenever they get a message or interaction.


Notify your customers when they receive a payment, their trial is over, or a payment failed.


Allow your customers to build better applications on your platform by sending them real-time information.

Asynchronous tasks

Some tasks take a lot of time to complete, let your users know once they are done.

Alerting and notifications

Notify your users on important events in real-time. Anomalies, issues, goals, you name it.

No code solutions

Let your customers use tools like IFTTT and Zapier to easily build workflows around your product.

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